1. Their own unique character

 Atmospheric character, architectural character, but always and above all, a character that exudes creative imagination and the signature mark of their hospitality, the mark with which each hotel maps the material and intangible value of hospitality. This character is every originality, like the exclusive in-room private cinema right above the Lala suite’s jacuzzi pool, one of the most unique cinemas in Santorini and around the world that exists in the privacy of a room. It is a dessert that is served every morning made with a secret recipe of a family of the village where the hotel is located, a recipe that no one ever learned apart from the daughters and granddaughters of the first grandmother who made it. It is the exclusivity of staying in a sheepfold carved into the rock that a local family built in 1830 to hide their animals when pirates raided the island. It is hotel staff and hoteliers whispering a fond adieu, and larger-than-life characters that will be waiting to welcome you back to the island every summer. It is every secret pleasure shared only by the locals and their guests.

2.  The unpretentious personalization

 The name of the guest that is heard along with every greeting of the day. The little, unique details that staff remembers about each guest, details that make friends and new, extended families miles away from our regular home. Birthdays celebrated with the guest’s favorite cake flavor because the guest is not a passerby but a friend. Wedding proposals and anniversaries that were celebrated as if our best friends had organized them. Hospitality, after all, has the color that we give it.

3.  The natural, spontaneous and unfeigned emotions

When we host in a personalized manner, we bond with each other, and when we bond with each other, we love. Because, in the end, hospitality is tantamount to emotionality. It is every act that internalizes and materializes the finest lyric about emotions, the last lyric in the last song on the last Beatles’ album: “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

4.  The signature luxury

As it is reflected in every little detail of every small boutique hotel. The private recording studio with the music-mixing console used by John Lennon to record the song “Imagine” at Eden Rock-St Barth’s in the Caribbean, The Hotel du Cap which was famous for accepting only cash until 2006, and our very own White Cave Suites, the first hotel around the world that names, with every booking, a real star in the sky after the guest. Because impressive and luxurious is anything that creates a story.